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Large Eddy Simulations of turbulent premixed flames.
Daniele Farrace
Diss., Zürich, ETH Zürich (2017)
Entropic lattice Boltzmann models for thermal and compressible flows.
Nicolò Frapolli
Diss., Zürich, ETH Zürich (2017)
Characterisation and optimisation of gas engine combined heat and power plants in a volatile energy system.
Philipp Vögelin
Diss., Zürich, ETH Zürich (2017)


Entropic Lattice Boltzmann Method for Two-Phase Flows.
Ali Mazloomi Moqaddam
Diss., Zürich, ETH Zürich (2016)
A Numerical Study of Combustion Strategies for In-Cylinder Reduction of Soot and NOx in Diesel Engines.
Sushant S. Pandurangi
Diss., Zürich, ETH Zürich (2016)


On the model reduction for chemical and physical kinetics.
Mahdi Kooshkbaghi
Diss., Zürich, ETH-Zürich (2015)
Experimental investigation of spray characteristics and ignition processes at conditions representative of large two-stroke marine diesel engines.
Beat von Rotz
Diss., Zürich, ETH Zürich (2015)
Experimental and Numerical Characterization of Enhanced Ignition Systems for Large Bore Gas Engines.
Stéphanie Schlatter
Diss., Zürich, ETH-Zürich (2015)


Investigation of the Propulsive and Non-Propulsive Energy Demand of Passenger Cars with Emphasis on Electric Propulsion Systems.
Gil Georges
Diss., Zürich, ETH-Zürich (2014)
Experimental Investigations for Phenomenological Modelling of Two-Stage Auto-Ignition under HCCI Conditions.
Dimitrios A. Mitakos
Diss., Zürich, ETH-Zürich (2014)
Direct numerical simulations in engine-like geometries.
Martin Schmitt
Diss., Zürich, ETH Zürich (2014)
An experimental and numerical investigation of the hetero-/homogeneous combustion of H2/O2/N2 and H2/CO/O2/N2 mixtures over platinum at fuel-rich stoichiometries.
Marco Schultze
Diss., Zürich, ETH (2014)


Modeling soot formation in diesel engines using conditional moment closure.
Michele Bolla
Diss., Zürich, ETH-Zürich (2013)
The effects of prolonged ignition delay due to charge air temperature reduction on combustion in a diesel engine.
Panagiotis Kyrtatos
Diss., Zürich, ETH (2013)
Einfluss der Kraftstoffe RON95, Methan und Ethanol auf Flammenausbreitung und Klopfverhalten in Ottomotoren mit Abgasrückführung.
Johannes Ritzinger
Diss., Zürich, ETH (2013)


Development and validation of a virtual soot sensor.
Christophe Barro
Diss., Zürich, ETH (2012)
Experimental characterization of the two phase flow of a modern, piezo activated hollow cone injector.
Andreas M. Schmid
Diss., Zürich, ETH (2012)


Numerical investigation of the dynamics of unstable lean premixed hydrogen/air flames.
Christos Altantzis
Diss., Zürich, ETH (2011)
Lean Premixed Syngas Combustion for Gas Turbines Applications.
Salvatore Daniele
Diss., Zürich, ETH (2011)
Simulation of NOx reduction over a Fe-Zeolite catalyst in an NH3-SCR system and calibration of the related parameters.
Leila Sharifian
Diss., Zürich, ETH (2011)
Two approaches to auto-ignition modelling for HCCI applications.
Annelies Vandersickel
Diss., Zürich, ETH (2011)


Experimental and numerical investigation of hetero-/homogeneous combustion of hydrogen and syngas (CO/H₂) mixtures over platinum.
Yohannes Ghermay
Diss., Zürich, ETH (2010)
Experimental and numerical investigation of lean hetero-/homogeneous propane/air combustion on platinum and numerical studies of hydrocarbon-fueled catalytic microreactors for portable power generation.
Symeon Karagiannidis
Diss., Zürich, ETH (2010)
Direct numerical simulation of combustion on petascale platforms. Applications to turbulent non-premixed hydrogen autoignition.
Stefan Georg Kerkemeier
Diss., Zürich, ETH (2010)


Modeling and Analysis of the Swiss Energy System Dynamics with Emphasis on the Interconnection between Transportation and Energy Conversion.
Fabrizio Noembrini
Diss., Zürich, ETH (2009)
Optimal control and design of hybrid-electric vehicles.
Olle Sundström
Diss., Zürich, ETH (2009)


Hierarchy of lattice Boltzmann models for fluid mechanics.
Shyam S. Chikatamarla
Diss., Zürich, ETH (2008)
Lattice Boltzmann method for thermal compressible flows.
Nikolaos I. Prasianakis
Diss., Zürich, ETH (2008)
Direct numerical simulation of cellular structures in jet diffusion flames.
Adrian L. Valär
Diss., Zürich, ETH (2008)


Origin and control of thermoacoustic instabilities in lean premixed gas turbine combustion.
Daniel Fritsche
Diss., Zürich, ETH (2005)
Numerical and experimental study of flame propagation and knock in a compressed natural gas engine.
Christian Lämmle
Diss., Zürich, ETH (2005)
Comparative investigation of mathematical methods for modeling and optimization of Common-Rail DI diesel engines.
Marco Warth
Diss., Zürich, Unknown (2005)
Numerical investigation of turbulent spray combustion with conditional moment closure.
Yuri Martin Wright
Diss., Zürich, ETH (2005)


Induced global unsteadiness and sidewall effects in the backward-facing step flow. Experiments and numerical simulations.
Niclas Tylli
Diss., Zürich, ETH Zürich (2003)


Numerischer Beitrag zur Charakterisierung und Vorausberechnung der Gemischbildung und Verbrennung in einem direkteingespritzten, strahlgeführten Ottomotor.
Thomas Koch
Diss., Zürich, ETH (2002)
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